20 May 2016

Sheffield’s Director of Public Health welcomes the changes in legislation that mean that, from today, all tobacco products manufactured in the UK must comply with new regulations which say cigarettes and tobacco must no longer be sold in bright packs, but in indistinct green packages. Manufacturers have been given one year to sell-off old stock before new packaging is required from May 2017.

The new packaging regulations also mean 60% of the packaging will be covered in health warnings.

Greg Fell, Sheffield’s Director of Public Health said: “I welcome the new rules that will discourage smoking and deter young people from taking up the habit.

“Smoking is harmful to health and smoking-related illnesses remain some of the biggest killers.

“There’s support for anyone who wants to stop smoking here in Sheffield. More information is available at sheffield.yorkshiresmokefree.nhs.uk or by calling 0800 612 0011.”