Monday 27 July 2015


SCHOOLS have joined forces with council leaders in a bid to share learning and expertise at a time of increased pressures on education budgets.

Sheffield City Council and education leaders are developing a partnership between all the city’s schools, including academies, colleges and local authority maintained schools, in a bid to further raise standards and improve teaching and learning.

This new organisation – to be called Learn Sheffield – will provide a wide range of flexible, high quality teaching, learning, leadership support to schools and challenge to schools and education settings.

Learn Sheffield will be directly owned by schools, the council, and educational settings.  They will form the membership of the company and nominate the directors of a new board.

It will provide an innovative approach to delivering school improvement services, using all of the educational expertise in the city, whilst firmly placing accountability and ownership with schools themselves.

It has been developed from Sheffield’s unique City Wide Learning Body which has been working in partnership with schools since 2011 on areas crucial to enable every child to succeed.

The main focus of Learn Sheffield will be to deliver services and improve the standards in schools. School partnership working will be increased and strengthened, with more city-wide partnership work. The company would support growth and financial sustainability in school service delivery at a time of increasing pressure on education budgets.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “It is our key priority that all children and young people have the best education they can and Learn Sheffield will go a long way to ensuring this happens. In the past few years there have been sweeping changes in the landscape of education but here in Sheffield we have a strong history of partnership working and people believe in our family of schools. It is about working together to improve attainment for all children across the city. This is the next step in what we are already doing as a city and will strengthen our partnership. Schools see themselves as part of Sheffield city’s education system and they want to make a difference. That is why Learn Sheffield will be critical in ensuring continued and sustained improvement in Sheffield children’s attainment.

“We have been highly innovative and shown our true Sheffield steel by working in partnership with the City Wide Learning Board to keep our schools together and sharing our learning and best practice.”

She added the vision is for Learn Sheffield to be the company of choice to support Sheffield schools and settings in ensuring every child has access to a great education, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

The company is expected to be governed by a Board of Directors, which will include nominated head teachers, Council representatives, and other key partners, who will be elected.

Learn Sheffield will work in partnership with schools, the council and other providers to deliver a wide range of high quality services that provide the necessary support and challenge to improve the achievement all children and young people in Sheffield.


Notes to editors:

Learn Sheffield will deliver a wide range of school improvement and services to schools and settings, including:

  • school improvement advice and access to expertise from the best head teachers and other school professionals
  • training and development programmes

It will also provide specific support for headteacher development, leadership and management and support for newly qualified teachers as well as teaching and learning and curriculum development.