Monday 16 January

Plans to tackle congestion on a busy street in a Sheffield suburb have moved forward.

Sheffield City Council has approved plans to change the priority on Skelton Lane in Woodhouse from its junction with Skelton Grove towards its junction with Tannery Street.

This short length of road will now become a one-way street with new parking bays and a new pedestrian crossing set to improve accessibility and ease congestion.

Residents had raised concerns with ward councillors about cars being parked on both sides of the road causing traffic congestion, while buses were also delayed at times on the street which is home to a medical centre.

Many residents and visitors to Skelton Lane, Woodhouse, said they had no alternative but to park on the road due to a lack of off-street parking. Traffic generated by Woodhouse Health Centre was adding to the congestion.

The plans also include a new footway at the Tannery Street end of the one-way section to create an improved pedestrian crossing place and two on-street parking bays.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said: “We believe these measures will help traffic flow on this busy street, increase pedestrian safety and create better access for buses, cars and bikes.

Local ward councillor Mick Rooney added: “Local Councillors believe these measures will make a dangerous road junction safer. It will also safeguard the bus service to many hundreds of residents.”