21 February 2017

Motorists who wish to appeal parking tickets will be helped by a new online system which aims to make the process easier by assessing the chances of a successful outcome.

Sheffield City Council is introducing a new online interactive guidance tool which goes live on Wednesday (22 February).

It means motorists appealing against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be given support and a full explanation so they can assess the likely outcome of their appeal.

Almost 95,000 penalty charge notices were issued by civil enforcement officers and bus lane cameras across the city during the financial year 2015/2016, with about 31 per cent of these being appealed. Of the tickets appealed about 30 per cent of those were successful.

The system, developed by Barbour Logic, asks people whether they want to pay the PCN or to appeal it.

If they wish to appeal they are asked to enter a ticket number and the two-digit contravention code.

This then takes people to a page that asks them the reason for making an appeal and a number of options.

The customer selects the reason and they’re given feedback, such as what evidence they would need to supply and the likelihood of an appeal being accepted.

It also aims to explain some of the reasons why a parking ticket would not be overturned, such as driving through a bus gate while following a satellite navigation system.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport at Sheffield City Council, said: “We understand that receiving a penalty charge notice can be a stressful and difficult situation.

“We hope that this online process simplifies things. It makes it easier to pay and, if you feel the notice was unjust, gives guidance and information about the likelihood of staging a successful appeal, including what evidence should be supplied. This should create an easier process for customers to follow.

“As well as helping in successful appeals and in simplifying the appeals process, this system also stops people from wasting time on appeals that are unlikely to be successful.

“This new system aims to make the appeals process more open and transparent, and enables motorists to come to a decision on whether to appeal or not in a fully informed manner.”

Parking service officers at the Council are confident that the system will also speed up the appeals process, meaning that responses will be received in a more timely manner.

Access the new system and go to the section Pay A Fine.