Sharrow Vale Road has been chosen to take part in a trial to test whether it is better for residents to have larger shared containers instead of having their own black bin, blue bin and blue box.

For a period of three months from 13 October, residents living at 20 houses, at numbers 131 to 171, will be exchanging their existing bins for the trial bins. This part of the road has caused issues around waste collection for some residents as the houses have a number of steps at the front of their properties and there is no access from the back of their houses.

As a result, the road has seen problems with some bins and boxes being permanently left on the highway, access problems for pedestrians and passers by putting litter in the bins and overfilling them. Some recycling containers are not being collected because they are ‘contaminated’ with the wrong kind of recycling material.

Residents taking part in the scheme have been given information about how to use the scheme and each have an access key (and a spare) for their new shared bins. A black bin will be provided for their non-recyclable waste, a green bin for glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans, and a blue bin for paper and card. The new containers will be located neatly on the pavement and collections will continue to take place every two weeks.

Those who already always store their bins on their properties have been given the option to continue with this arrangement and to not be part of the shared bin scheme. It is hoped that residents will find that the new shared scheme works for them but it will be up to them to decide what they would like to see in the future.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene said: “We are acting on feedback from residents by introducing the idea of shared bins for the first time in Sheffield. We hope that the trial will be easy to use and result in a tidier, cleaner and safer street. I look forward to hearing residents’ views at the end of the trial in three months’ time.”

Residents living near to the properties involved in the scheme and those living on Westbrook Bank and Bagshot Street will be given details on the scheme too, so that they can give their views if they wish.

Throughout the trial, weekly checks will be made on the road and any issues will be addressed. At the end of the trial period all residents will be asked whether the scheme worked for them or not and whether they think that shared bins should be a permanent arrangement on their road.

Anyone involved in the scheme or any residents who are interested in hearing more about it and how it works can contact the Council’s Waste Management Service on 0114 203 7621 or by email


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