An anti-social tenant whose noisy behaviour made his neighbours’ lives a misery has lost his home.

Garry Hurt, 52, of 45 Challoner Way, Westfield, Sheffield, had repeatedly ignored warnings to keep the noise down in his flat, which is part of a communal block.

In 2009 he was issued with a Court Order for not paying rent. Although he paid rent at a more satisfactory rate after that, he also made excessive noise at the property.

In 2012 he was served with a Noise Abatement Notice by Environmental Services. However the excessive noise, mainly very loud television and radio, continued. This was very distressing for his neighbours, some of whom were elderly.

When the matter was brought back to court on 29th October 2013, a Warrant of Possession was suspended and Mr Hurt was ordered not only to pay his rent but to stop making excessive noise that would annoy or disturb his neighbours.

Despite this the noise continued. It was heard by Environmental Officers on a number of occasions in the early hours of the morning during November and December 2013. Following this, the Council applied to court to evict Mr Hurt.

The case was brought back to court on 21st August 2014, following delays in the legal process, including Mr Hurt’s legal aid. At this hearing Judge Bellamy agreed for the eviction to go ahead. Excessive noise continued throughout this period and continued following the court hearing.

On Wednesday 5th November at Sheffield County Court Mr Hurt made a final attempt to keep his home by applying for a suspension to the warrant. However, District Judge Roebuck dismissed the application and the eviction went ahead at noon that day.

”Mr Hurt had no regard for his neighbours or the effect his behaviour was having on them,” said Councillor Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods.

“They had to put up with it for some time, which caused them a great deal of distress, upset and affected their quality of life significantly.

“We will always work with the courts to evict tenants who display behaviour such as this.

“Mr Hurt ignored numerous warnings about his excessive noise and paid the ultimate price by losing his home.”