14 March 2017

Applying for different kinds of parking permit is getting easier thanks to a new online way of registering a vehicle introduced by Sheffield Council.

Emails are being sent to Sheffield residents explaining how they can apply for a paperless parking permit – with the system set to go live on Tuesday, March 21.

A paperless parking permit is a similar concept to the paperless tax disc introduced in 2015.  People will still apply and pay for a permit but there will be no actual paper permit to display.  Instead, there will an electronic record of your permit.

The system will be rolled out for resident permits, individual business permits and green permits.

Visitor, business pool and trade and utility parking permits will also be available online later in the year.

But carer and medical parking permits are not changing, with people who use these being reassured that they can continue to apply for it in the usual way and display the paper permit in their vehicle as normal.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure at Sheffield City Council, said: “Sheffield City Council is committed to simplifying processes wherever it can and this online system should cut the time it takes to apply for a parking permit.

“Using the system is easy and accessible and should make the process simpler for thousands of city residents.

“It will take just a few minutes to apply and receive a permit as compared with five days using the former paper-based system.”

When applying for a paperless permit motorists will use an improved online system, where people can carry out the whole transaction in one go.

Once residents have successfully applied for a permit, there will be no need to display it on a windscreen.

When out on patrol Civil Enforcement Officers will use a handheld device to scan each car number plate and search the database of electronic permits to check that a valid permit is in place.

Permit holders are being reassured they do not need to do anything until the expiry date of a current paper parking permit.  That is when people will need to apply for a paperless parking permit using the improved online system.

Emails are being sent to households affected by the changes this month, together with details of how to apply online.

The council will email when a permit is coming up for expiry and provide a link to the relevant web pages.

Current hard copy permits remain valid until their expiry dates so residents must continue to display it in a vehicle’s windscreen until a paperless permit has been applied for.

New applicants will be able to start with a paperless permit straight away once the improved online system is live.