October 16 2015

The owner of a dog that caused a long-standing noise nuisance to neighbours has been prosecuted by Sheffield City Council.

Clare Walker, 48, of Birch Tree Road in Stocksbridge, was found guilty in her absence by magistrates yesterday (Thursday 15 October) of breaching an abatement notice issued by the authority.

Officers had been investigating the noise problem for some months, and had written to Ms Walker advising her of the problem and asking her to address it. When the noise complaints continued, the council had no option but to issue an abatement notice.

Despite receiving the notice, Ms Walker failed to resolve the problem and complaints continued.

Officers provided the complainant with recording equipment and in one week identified 12 instances of noise which were so severe that it was considered the notice had been breached.

At Sheffield Magistrates’ Court, the magistrates imposed a fine of £50, costs of £50, and a victim surcharge of £20

Ian Ashmore, head of Environmental Regulation at Sheffield City Council, said: “Our officers go to extraordinary lengths to resolve noise complaints.

“They will provide help and advice to all parties in a bid to avoid court action. But if they cannot get any voluntary improvements, they will have to issue an abatement notice.

“If the complaints continue, then we will take the matter to court – as this case proves.”