27 November 2015

A pet owner has been fined by magistrates for breaching a noise abatement notice, after failing to stop his dog from barking loudly.

Balasingham Sujanthan, aged 35, of Sandstone Road, Wincobank, first came to the attention of Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service in late 2013, when complaints were received about the unacceptably loud level of dog barking coming from his property.

He promised to take action, but the complaints continued and, subsequently, noise monitoring equipment was installed.

When that equipment showed that the noise problem was a serious one, Sheffield City Council’s officers told Sujanthan that he would be served with a noise abatement notice unless he came up with a plan on how the barking was going to be stopped.

When no response was received, a noise abatement notice was served in July 2014 – but the noise continued.

Further monitoring equipment was installed in April this year, which demonstrated that the loud barking was continuing to be a problem.

As a result, Sujanthan was brought before Sheffield Magistrates Court yesterday (Thursday 26 November 2015), for breaching the noise abatement notice.

He admitted the charge of breaching the notice, and was fined £100. He was also ordered to pay £400 in costs to the council and a victim surcharge of £20 was imposed, giving a total financial penalty of £520.

A spokesman for Sheffield City Council said: “Cases such as this demonstrate that we can, and will, take action against people who make their neighbours’ lives a misery through noise and other anti-social behaviour.

“Anyone who would like to report a noise issue, or who requires further information, should visit the council website at www.sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 2037410.”