17 January 2017

Children and staff at Phillimore Primary School have been officially presented with a national award from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Denise Fox.

The award is the Primary School of the Year prize, which was won at the 2016 ASA Aquatics Awards, held in Birmingham.

The award is a result of the schools work to improve their school swimming programme. In September 2015, none of the school’s year four children (age 8 and 9 years old) could swim 25m. But by July 2016, 91 per cent were able to swim at least this distance.

Gillian Brigg, Headteacher at Philimore Community Primary School, said: “Learning to swim is a life skill just like walking, running, and riding a bike. At Phillimore, the majority of our pupils had never been to a swimming pool before their first school swimming lesson. To reach the national curriculum standard to ensure all pupils, regardless of ability, can swim at least 25m required a huge undertaking from the school staff, our pupils and their parents and carers.

“Phillimore school goes above and beyond to make sure all children learn to swim. However, the school cannot do this on its own – the success is down to the support we receive from the parents and carers. The award as Primary School of the Year 2016 is in recognition of this.”