26 February 2016

A Sheffield man who arranged for a pig to be illegally killed was fined a total of £1,125 by magistrates in Sheffield, after being taken to court by Sheffield City Council.

The Council’s Environmental Protection Service investigated after a report of a pig being moved was received.

Jose Carlos Dos Santos, (43) of Fox Street, Sheffield, told officers that he bought a pig in April 2015 and kept it on land at Richmond Street. But he found that he did not have the time to look after it and arranged for the pig to be moved to his home address in Fox Street. Mr Santos told officers that a friend killed it for him in his back garden a few days later.

The investigating Animal Health Inspector found that Mr Santos could not identify the person who killed the pig and had not supervised the killing. Mr Santos also could not identify where the waste products from the pig had been disposed of, meaning that materials presenting a risk to human and animal health could not be accounted for.

It was also evident that Mr Santos had moved the pig without the correct records being made, which could have hampered efforts to trace diseases if this had been necessary.

Ian Ashmore, the Council’s Head of Environmental Regulation said: “We want to keep Sheffield safe for our residents. Illegal slaughter of animals can present unacceptable risks from the inappropriate disposal of waste products. The slaughter of animals anywhere other than under carefully controlled conditions is unacceptable.”


Notes for editors:
• The Animal Welfare Act places a duty on people to protect animals from unnecessary suffering. A failure to ensure slaughter is carried out humanely is an offence
• Animal by-products are closely regulated and require to be disposed of safely to avoid presenting a risk to health.
• Most farmed animals (pigs, sheep, goats, cattle) cannot be moved around the country unless their movement is recorded. This ensures that in the event of a disease outbreak like Foot and Mouth animals can be traced and their contacts isolated.