10 July 2018

Changes to recycling services in Sheffield are being introduced across the city throughout August to October.

Sheffield City Council and Veolia will roll out changes to recycling services with a new brown bin to replace the current blue boxes.

Black bin collections will not be affected by the changes to recycling bins and will continue to be collected every two weeks. The blue and new brown bins will have their own separate collection days.

When the changes are introduced existing blue bins will be used for card and paper and the new larger brown bins (which are the same size as the black bin) will be used for plastic bottles, cans and glass.

All residents will be notified of how these changes will affect the way they handle their waste and recycling, with leaflets going out to all households and notices being placed on bins.

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for environment and streetscene at Sheffield City Council, said:

“Firstly I want to reassure everyone that there will not be any changes to black bin collections, these will continue to be fortnightly.

“The changes we are introducing to the blue bin and box service will make it easier and simpler for people to recycle and we will communicate with all residents along the way to make sure everyone knows how their collections will be affected.

“In addition to making recycling easier, these changes help us to make annual savings through improved efficiency in how recycling is collected.”

The changes, which were approved at Cabinet in January 2017, will be introduced in two stages for the north and south of the city. Leaflets and other communications will start going out to residents this week, explaining the changes and the phased approach to implement them.

Map showing areas of the city for phased bin deliveries
Map showing areas of the city for phased bin deliveries

Each household will be given a collection calendar at the same time as the brown bin is delivered and the council is inviting residents to sign up for email alerts for service updates.

Under the new service a bin will be emptied every week on the same day from each household. The four weekly pattern for collections will be black bin, blue bin, black bin, brown bin.

This means the black bin will be emptied once every two weeks, the blue and brown bin will be emptied once every four weeks.

The obsolete blue boxes can be retained by households for personal use, such as planters, toy boxes and garden storage containers, however those who don’t want to keep them can take them to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. Any collected blue boxes will be recycled.

The benefits of replacing the blue box with a brown bin include:

  • increased capacity for paper and card recycling
  • tidier storage of recycled materials reduces litter blown from boxes
  • easier handling of bin than blue box
  • annual waste management saving of £750,000

The annual waste management saving of £750,000 is made possible through more efficient collections. Collecting just one type of waste means that specialist collection vehicles are no longer required. The new vehicles will have increased collection capacity and they will only need to take recycling to one location each week. This means that collections are quicker to complete and fewer vehicles are needed.

People can continue to take any extra recycling to local recycling sites across the city. Go to www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield to find your nearest site.

Excess paper and card can be flat-packed, tied up and left next to the blue bin on collection day.

Councillor Dagnall added:

“This is really positive news for households in Sheffield. We are increasing the capacity for recycling paper and card, as well as providing a much cleaner and easier way to recycle.

“Recycling is high on our environmental agenda and I’m proud to say that even in these times of austerity the changes we are making not only contribute to essential savings, but deliver a better service to Sheffielders.”

The council will also rollout recycling facilities for paper and card, glass, cans and plastic bottles to all flats in Sheffield by March 2019.

People can sign up for service updates about bin collections at www.bit.ly/sheffbins

More information about changes to recycling services is available at www.sheffield.gov.uk