2nd December 2015

The Streets Ahead team have been working with Sheffield’s Regather Charity to help residents of Lansdowne and Club Garden Road make a deep-rooted change to their local area.

With the help of a grant from the Tree Council, Regather, the Streets Ahead team and local residents will be working together to plant eight fruit trees, including apple and pear, for the local community to enjoy.

They will also be carrying out extensive work to improve the green space in the area, including installing a new bench, a new raised bed, mulching, litter and shrub removal.

The Streets Ahead team will be making use of their community day, which every employee is entitled to, to help carry out the work with volunteers from the local community and Regather.

A community celebration will follow, with the help of the Real Junk Food Project, on Saturday 5th December from 10am until 12 noon at Regather Works, Club Garden Road. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be available on a pay as you feel basis.

Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “It is great to see the Streets Ahead team working so closely with local charity and the community to create this magnificent garden and focal area for all members of the community to enjoy.

“We are proud of our green heritage and our outdoor city status. We already have over 2 million trees in the city; this year alone we have planted another 50,000 new trees.”

Gareth Roberts from Regather Charity added: “The Club Garden will bring local people together in a fun, outdoor activity that will benefit the entire community. Volunteers from across the local community have ensured that a new generation will develop a strong sense of the value of trees and their importance to wildlife, biodiversity and people, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We will strive to ensure that these trees survive and thrive in the Club Garden community green space so that future generations can continue to benefit from our actions.”

Darren Butt, Streets Ahead’s Operations Director, said: “We’re pleased that we’re able to work with Regather and the local community to provide and plant the fruit trees. We have worked with Regather in the past to provide them with a garden of edible flowers, soft fruit and herbs, which has been received extremely well by the community and we hope that the fruit trees will be just as successful.

“The Streets Ahead team will also be helping with the regeneration of the green space. Employees will be helping to clean up the area, prepare the area for some new trees and help to cut back some of the overgrown areas. We’re looking forward to contributing to the project and being a part of the community celebration too.”

The Tree Council’s Director-General, Pauline Buchanan Black, said: “The Landsdowne and Club Garden communities, working in partnership with the Regather Charity and Streets Ahead, have impressed us with their plans for carrying out the tree planting scheme, which will help to improve biodiversity of the local area, as well as allowing children to get outdoors, connect with nature and learn about the many benefits of trees.”