Wednesday 7 January 2015

The Director of Public Health in Sheffield has today announced that he is resigning from his role, and will be stepping down in April.

Dr Jeremy Wight has been in charge of protecting and promoting people’s health in Sheffield since 2006, when he was jointly appointed Director of Public Health by Sheffield City Council and the then Sheffield Primary Care Trust. Before this he was Director of Public Health for the North Sheffield Primary Care Trust.

Sheffield City Council won Beacon Status for tackling health inequalities in Sheffield in 2007, under Dr Wight’s leadership. His team led the work to halt the rise in childhood obesity in the city after winning almost £5m in Department of Health funding in 2009. The team also helped the Sheffield Primary Care Trust become one of the most successful in the Country, as measured by the World Class Commissioning Assessment.

For the last two years Dr Wight managed the transition of public health services from the NHS to the city council, after central Government transferred responsibilities from the NHS to local government.

Dr Wight said: “I’ve worked with some great people over the years who are absolutely dedicated to improving people’s health in Sheffield. I’m very proud of everything that the team has achieved and will continue to achieve in the future.”

John Mothersole, Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, said: “I would like to thank Jeremy for his enthusiasm and dedication to public health in Sheffield.

“He has been committed to his role and provided a great service to the people of Sheffield. Over the last few years he has led the smooth transition of public health responsibilities into the council and I wish him well for his future career.”