Name of candidate Party Votes
BROWNHILL Elizabeth Mary UK Independence Party (UKIP)  613
GAMBLE-PUGH Craig Michael Labour and Cooperative Party  2180
GARBUTT Peter Green Party first choice candidate  1375
GARRATT Rose Green Party second choice candidate  989
HALL Nicolas Peter Pearson Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  113
HANRAHAN Adam Patrick Liberal Democrats  2573
MAHROOF Mohammed Liberal Democrats  1986
MCNEILLIE Joe Conservative Party Candidate  480
MURPHY Anne Marie Labour and Cooperative Party  2713
REEVES Edward Conservative Party Candidate  409
ROBIN Logan Green Party third choice candidate  809
SMITH Gail Alice Liberal Democrats  1976
TELFER Rosemary Ann Labour and Cooperative Party  2108
WATERS Miles Conservative Party Candidate  288


Electorate: 13,986
Turnout: 47%