Name of candidate Party Votes
BARNSLEY Roger Conservative Party Candidate  791
CHAPMAN John Westley Conservative Party Candidate  720
DAVISON Roger Noel Liberal Democrats  3439
FORSTER Emily Green Party second choice candidate  1171
FREEMAN Alison Jane Labour Party  2368
JAMES Roan Alexander Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  108
JOHNSON Daniel Conservative Party Candidate  574
KEMP Stewart John Clifford Green Party first choice candidate  1517
LEMAN Jason Green Party third choice candidate  821
LOWCOCK John Douglas UK Independence Party (UKIP)  514
MOHAMMED Shaffaq Liberal Democrats  2787
OLEWICZ Christopher Anthony Labour Party  1794
RUSHTON Kevan Kenneth Labour Party  1849
SCRIVEN Paul James Liberal Democrats  3164


Electorate: 15,780
Turnout: 49%