Name of candidate Party Votes
ATKINSON Grace Margaret The Conservative Party Candidate  526
BOOKER John Charles UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1651
BOWDEN John Cyril Liberal Democrats  998
BOWDEN Victoria Margaret Liberal Democrats  1000
HURST Adam Labour Party  1675
LEVERY Michael Liberal Democrats  1020
LOCK Gemma Green Party  176
O’MARA Jared Cain Labour Party  1218
OGLE David UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1506
OGLE Jonathan UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1390
PERRY Jemima Green Party  244
SCAIFE Jonathan Patrick Green Party  308
SYKES Zoe Jayne Labour Party  1507


Following an equality of votes, lots were drawn and, as a consequence, an extra vote was allotted to Zoe Jayne Sykes.

Electorate: 14,081
Turnout: 34%