16 November 2016

A Sheffield tanning salon owner paid the price yesterday, Tuesday 15 November, after magistrates ordered her to pay £1190, for allowing underage customers to use sunbeds in their shop.

Denise Loftus, owner of Bodytan on High Street, Beighton in Sheffield, was given a 24 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay a total of £1170 costs and £20 victim surcharge. She was charged with failing to prevent a person under age 18 using a sunbed at her premise, contrary to section 2(1) of the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010.

Sheffield City Council’s health and safety enforcement team sent verbal and written guidance to Bodytan to ensure they were compliant with sunbed legislation. At a mystery shop test in March 2016, an underage volunteer was offered the use of a sunbed at the salon. The 13 year old was not asked his age or for any identification to prove his age.

Since the introduction of the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010, which came into force in 2011, businesses are supposed to ask for proof of age and refuse to allow anyone who cannot prove they are an adult to use their sunbed. The Act, which seeks to protect people from health risks associated with exposure to UV rays, including skin cancer, requires that no person under the age of 18 should use sunbeds or be offered the use of sunbeds, or be within a restricted zone, an area where a sunbed is located.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for Environment at Sheffield City Council, said: “The legislation on sunbed tanning exists to protect people from the serious health risks associated with exposure to UV rays. Tanning salons must ensure no person under 18 is allowed to use a sunbed and BodyTan failed to do this.

“As we have proved, we don’t take this lightly and will take action against those who fail to meet their responsibilities.

“As well as our legal obligations, we are committed to improving health and wellbeing in the city, and I would urge people of any age to consider the damage that sunbed use can do before stepping inside.”

The health and safety enforcement team will continue to monitor activity at BodyTan to make sure they meet the necessary regulations going forward.

Anyone with concerns about illegal use of sunbeds should report them to health and safety enforcement team on 0114 2734415 or email health.protection@Sheffield.gov.uk.