23 October 2017

Council leaders are urging families applying for their child’s secondary school to make sure they fill in their application forms before the closing date of 31st October.

Parents will find out the outcomes of their secondary school application on March 1 2018.

Parents are being encouraged to make sure they fill in all three preferences in order to keep their options open. Parents are entitled to express up to three preferences but some parents choose not to. Putting down three preferences does not reduce the chance of parents getting their preferred option, but does provide alternatives should the preferred school be over-subscribed.

Families are also encouraged to name their catchment school as one of their preferences as places cannot be reserved for catchment pupils where a positive preference for this school has not been expressed.

Sheffield City Council’s admissions team deals with thousands of applications for secondary and primary schools every year.

This year is the first year parents can apply to the city’s new secondary schools; Astrea  Academy, on the Old Pye Bank site, in the North East of the city and Mercia Academy, on the Bannerdale site, in the South West. Oasis Don Valley will also offer Year 7 places for the first time from September 2018.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said:  “All families deserve great schools close to where they live.  With birth rates rising we are seeing an increase in pressure on school places. This is why we have built two schools, one in the North East and one in the South West of the city, and planned for additional Year 7 places at Oasis Don Valley.

“I would encourage all parents and carers to fill in their application form for a school place as soon as possible and most importantly please fill in all three preferences.  If families need help with the form they should contact 0114 273 5790 or email ed-admissions@sheffield.gov.uk

The application form basics:

  • Forms are sent to the child’s home around a year before they are due to go to school.
  • Parents and carers will be told which their local catchment school is on this letter.
  • They are required to put down three preferences. Those applying for a faith school will have further forms to fill in.
  • The same criteria are applied to all school applications – with priority given to children in care, then catchment, then sibling and then feeder school.
  • Applications for secondary school are made a year before the child is due to start Year Seven. Again the same criteria apply and the forms should be filled in in the same manner to optimise parents’ and carers’ chances of getting the school of their choice