27 April 2016

Children’s Wind Band and Senior Orchestra were just two of the 21 eclectic music groups performing at three concerts on Sunday.

Watch the two groups perform.

The events showcased the progress of music groups run by Sheffield City Council’s Music Hub and saw 650 children perform their music to crowds in Sheffield. The concerts aim to inspire children thinking about getting involved in music to give it a go.

Sheffield City Council’s Music Hub provides music education for all children across Sheffield. They help organise music lessons as well as running music groups such as Sheffield Youth Big Band.
Ted Mitchell, 18, started learning the flute aged nine with lessons organised by the music service. Two years later, he joined the Junior Flute Choir and progressed to the main choir a few years later. He now plays in the senior orchestra.

Ted said: “The flute choirs and orchestras have given me a chance to enjoy playing a wide variety of music. The highlight for me was playing at Birmingham Symphony Hall at the National Festival for Music for Youth.

“I have come so far since I started. This year I even received the Bradfield Festival Young Musician of the Year Award for dedication to Sheffield Music Hub”

Ian Naylor, Sheffield City Council’s Music Hub manager, said: “The events across the weekend really brought home how talented our young people are. All 21 music groups have made a huge amount of progress.

“We believe all children should be able to enjoy music, regardless of their background and family income. I hope the events will inspire any children thinking about getting involved in music to give it a go.”