24 April 2018

Subways in many parts of Sheffield are getting a whole new look thanks to the Council’s Streets Ahead programme.

The subways benefitting from the work include the one that runs under Arundel Gate, at its junction with Norfolk Street, which reopened to pedestrians on April 9, after being strengthened and refurbished.

The subway, which is located beneath one of Sheffield’s busiest roads, is one of 48 subways to be repaired and restored by Amey as part of Sheffield City Council’s £2.2bn Streets Ahead programme.

Work included strengthening the 46-year-old structure with a new concrete roof slab to comply with the current highway loading standards as well as repairing concrete, replacing tiles and repainting, and installing new lighting.

Although the subway was closed to pedestrians for about three months to allow the work to go ahead, there has been no disruption to the traffic above.

“Due to its city centre location, we wanted to keep disruption to a minimum,” said Amey structures manager, Christopher Hampson.

Elsewhere, subways in Moore Street and St Mary’s Gate/Bramall Lane have also been strengthened as part of the Government-backed programme to radically improve Sheffield’s roads, footpaths, street lighting and other highways infrastructure.

At St Mary’s, there is a refreshing new look. Overgrown shrubs have been pruned, new lighting installed, and a major clean-up completed.

The last remaining subways to be strengthened and refurbished at Dyche Lane, Jordanthorpe and Park Grange Road are due to be completed in the next few months.

Amey will now continue to maintain and clean the city’s subways, removing any graffiti, as part of a routine maintenance programme over the next 20 years.

Christopher added, “Subways are an integral part of Sheffield’s infrastructure and are used by hundreds of people on a daily basis, wanting to get from A to B.”

“Through our refurbishment work, we wanted to transform the areas to offer a more pleasant and safe environment for pedestrians to use.

“Maintaining subways will always be a challenge as they are prone to vandalism, but now they have been repaired and brightened up we hope people will be more inclined to use them as part of their journey through the city.”

Find out more about our work on Sheffield’s subways by watching the following video at: https://youtu.be/Cz3Wi3rQEpU