Council leaders are taking a fresh look at new options for the provision of primary school places in the South West of Sheffield in order to ease pressures following a growing number of young families living in the area.


Following consultation earlier this year, Sheffield City Council paused plans to permanently expand Dobcroft Infant School by one class per year to meet this growing demand for places.


And last month the council held a series of workshops and conducted an online survey asking parents to come forward with their views on shaping the future of school places in the area.


Following this, the council is now looking at different options put forward by parents and carers to see if they could feasibly work.


This includes:


  • Working with Clifford Infant and the Diocese of Sheffield on possible options for creating junior places for the children who attend Clifford Infant, although this remains a complicated issue without a simple solution


  • Looking at the possibility of bringing Holt House Infant and Carterknowle Junior together as a single school on one site while considering options for reusing the site that would be vacated


  • Looking at providing more secondary places within the area, including looking at the possibility of building a new secondary school.


Jayne Ludlam Executive Director for Children, Young People and Families said: “We have listened to the views of parents and community and are working through the options which have come out of these discussions.


“At the end of the day we have a growing population across Sheffield and have already added over 4,500 primary school places to meet this need. The South West is the latest area of pressure and we have to do something to make sure local children get a chance to go to their local school.


“All the research shows that children thrive and achieve well if they are able to attend local schools so we are committed to making this a possibility for all our young people.


“It is imperative we listen carefully to what parents and carers are telling us in order for us to achieve this and that is what we are doing.”


The council will work through all the possibilities and feedback and this will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet on July 22.


This report will outline the options the Council intends to put forward for consultation with local families, governors, headteachers and other stakeholders. This would be carried out in the Autumn term with a final decision at Cabinet before Christmas.


Parents and carers from across schools in the South West, including Dobcroft, Dore, Ecclesall, Greystones, Holt House/Carterknowle, Totley and local church schools, took part in the workshops and survey.


The council will prioritise the option that is in the best interests of children and families and represents value for money, whilst maintaining and improving the quality of education on offer in Sheffield.


Further information about all the options heard so far and the outcomes of the 2015 Reception allocations process, following the offer of an extra class at Dobcroft Infants is on