1 August 2017

We are still committed to pursuing the only deal that is currently on the table – that was signed in October 2015 committing to £900million for the region.

Only last month, the Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry confirmed this is the only deal on offer, when he said: “I want to be very clear about one thing. There will not be a ‘full Yorkshire’ devolution deal.

“Yorkshire is a fantastic brand. But devolution is about giving control to cities.”


Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Olivia Blake said: “South Yorkshire leaders will meet again in September to determine the best way forward. Our view as Sheffield City Council is clear: we will always do what is right for Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

“That means concluding the deal that is available to us – a deal that is set to bring £900m to our region, to grow our economy, create jobs and boost people’s skills.

“We continue to be in favour of both formal and informal collaboration across the north, on those issues where it makes sense to do so.

“Indeed we continue to be committed participants in Transport for the North, which is making the case to Government for much needed transport investment to better connect the great cities of the north – not just those in Yorkshire.

“We understand that other parts of Yorkshire are frustrated that they have not been able make a deal, and we hope that government will work with other authorities.

“But we have a deal on the table and we look forward to getting back to business at the meeting in September and delivering devolution worth £900m for South Yorkshire.”