15 June 2015

Streets Ahead drain cleaners came to the rescue of 22-year-old Coralie Smart when she lost the ring her mother gave her for her 18th birthday down one of Sheffield’s drains.

Coralie, a student in the city, thought that she’d never see her ring again but on the off chance called the Streets Ahead team to see if they could help. Within days Coralie received a call from the team saying that they had found her ring.

Coralie said: “I’d been walking around Endcliffe Village and waved at a friend who was passing by. As I waved to them my ring flew off my finger and went straight down the drain. I looked down the drain and couldn’t see it. I thought it was lost forever.

“A friend of mine suggested that I call Streets Ahead to see if they could help, but I didn’t expect them to find my ring.

“I was really surprised and shocked when they called me to say they were at the drain and had found my ring. I was so pleased as the ring means a lot to me.”

Coun Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “It is great to see the Streets Ahead team going above and beyond to help Sheffield residents and I’m pleased that we were able to reunite Coralie with her ring.

“The team works really hard across the city making sure our roads and pavements are pothole free and that the streetscene is in the safest condition it can be. This is sometimes a thankless task and to receive thanks for the little things sometimes goes a long way.”

Darren Goodson, Highways Operative for the Streets Ahead team said: “We were able to find the location of the drain quite easily and it was just a case of lifting the lid and lifting out the contents with grabbers.

“It was embedded in lots of other matter, as you would expect down a drain, but we managed to retrieve the ring and clean it up before returning it to Coralie.

“She was very overwhelmed to get the ring back and called the Streets Ahead team later to express her thanks.”