9 November 2017

The Streets Ahead gritters are ‘winter ready’ in preparation for the risk of snow and ice in coming months.

With winter on the horizon, our fleet of gritters are now on standby, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, until next May and are ready to keep the city moving during periods of ice and snow. Sent out when ice is predicted on the city’s road surfaces, the gritters also plough and spread grit before, during and after snowfall.

In addition, Sheffield’s two salt barns are already full in preparation for dealing with whatever the weather might have in store.

Next Wednesday the 15th November, the Streets Ahead team will be hosting a winter roadshow in the city centre where people can find out more about how to prepare for all kinds of severe weather, as well as learning more about how Streets Ahead is getting ready to keep the city moving this winter. A gritter will be parked in Tudor Square as part of the event.

The event will take place at Tudor Square, from 2pm to 4pm

Cllr. Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene at Sheffield City Council, added: “Our gritting teams work really hard to make sure that we keep Sheffield’s roads moving during the winter months and they do a great job.

“We’re really keen to spread the message about how local people can help themselves by using their nearest grit bin to keep local residential streets clear as well as looking out for elderly neighbours in times of bad weather. Residents are also urged to check their nearest grit bins regularly throughout the winter months and let us know if they need re-filling so that there’s always grit available for them to grit their local roads and pavements.”

Highways Operations Manager for Streets Ahead, Lynsey Connelly, said: “We look after over 600 miles of urban and rural roads in Sheffield and grit a higher percentage of our roads than other local Councils. October is the start of our winter maintenance period and our fleet is well prepared.

“Our winter maintenance service operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week, whenever the weather demands so that we’re ready for the winter ahead. We plan for winter well in advance and have a good stock of salt, as well as a team of drivers on hand ready to take to the roads when the bad weather arrives.

“Our gritters have state of the art technology which includes automatic routing, like a SatNav, as well as automatic gritting programmes. These help to improve our winter maintenance service as the navigation system guides the driver along the pre-programmed route and the spreading of grit happens automatically, saving the driver time manually adjusting the settings.”

This year, art students from schools and colleges across the city helped design three new winter coats for the Streets Ahead gritters. Previously named by Sheffield school children, The Bear, Steel City Gritter and Snowy Steve will travel around the city this winter boasting their brand new winter designs.

For more information about gritting routes and Streets Ahead winter advice, visit www.sheffield.gov.uk/winter, call 01142734567 or follow @sccstreetsahead on Twitter for real-time updates during bad weather and to report empty grit bins.