22 October 2015

A temporary traffic diversion is in place around a major regeneration scheme in the Castlegate area of Sheffield.

A one-way system has been introduced on West Bar to ensure Phase 1 of the Grey to Green scheme is completed safely and as quickly as possible.

The temporary one-way system involves directing traffic into the Riverside from the Inner Relief Road at Corporation Street via Bridge Street and making West Bar one-way westwards for all traffic.

The diversion is expected to last between five and seven weeks until mid or late December.

Councillor Leigh Bramall, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development said: “We apologise for any inconvenience experienced during this important stage of the works. All major public realm or highway improvements require temporary diversions and some delays. But this needs to be balanced against the much longer-term improvement and enhanced attractiveness of the area.

“This one-way system was considered the least disruptive option and should allow safer conditions for pedestrians around the immediate area. It will also allow the contractor to finish the work quickly and safely.”

Drivers approaching the area from the M1, Parkway or Park Square will not need to change their route.
Those affected will be drivers approaching from Penistone Road (A61 and Shalesmoor), Brook Hill, Gibraltar Street or Broad Lane, who will have to loop around the Bridgehouses junction to access the area rather than turning right at West Bar roundabout.

During normal non-peak daytime running, the additional journey time should be minimal. At morning and evening peaks there will be some delays, but these are more related to the capacity of the Inner Relief Road.

Access for pedestrians to the Law Courts and Family Courts should be considerably improved.
Additional information, hints to avoid congestion and ‘user-friendly’ plans explaining the diversion can be found at www.sheffield.gov.uk/greytogreen .


Notes for editors:
Tips to avoid congestion:
• Congestion is generally expected during the evening peak times (4.30-6pm). Outside these hours delays are generally quite short unless there are other problems with the Inner Relief Road.
• If convenient approach to Riverside District on the Inner Relief Road anti-clockwise (via Sheaf Street/Park Square/Derek Dooley Way), thus avoiding the diversion.
• If the immediate area around the Riverside District is congested, consider using one of the car parks shown on the maps and walking to your final destination.
• Taxis are able to use the bus gate via Castlegate and Bridge Street, thus avoiding the diversion.
• Please note there is a temporary bus stop on Millsands. Other bus stops operating in this area are also shown on the plan.

Grey to Green:
In the approach to Christmas Phase 1 of the Grey to Green project will be entering an accelerated stage of operations.
• Kerbing and paving in three areas on Bridge Street North and South.
• Completion of kerbing and paving works adjacent to the Howells property on Bridge Street; linking the completed areas on Bridge Street east and Snig Hill.
• Works on the western phase of the sustainable urban drainage system working toward West Bar roundabout.