Sheffield-born mountain bike champion Steve Peat tries out Sheffield’s first official ‘dual slalom’ track for the first time. Newly completed, this mountain bike track at Parkwood Springs is now open to the public.

Dual slalom tracks allow two riders to race side by side down two almost identical trails at the same time. This new mountain bike track at Parkwood Springs is the latest development in the wider ‘making tracks’ project (a partnership approach by Sheffield City Council, Sport England and the Sheffield mountain bike community) to further radicalise the city’s mountain bike infrastructure.

Last year Sheffield launched as The Outdoor City, raising the profile of the people, places, businesses and events that create the city’s unique outdoors lifestyle.  With a strong community of riders already, home grown talent like Steve Peat, thriving bike businesses and nationally acclaimed events such as the Steel City Downhill – Sheffield is making headlines worldwide because of its mountain bike scene.

Jon Dallow, Sheffield City Council‘s Woodlands Officer said: “It was amazing to see Steve Peat dual race on our latest bit of trail at Parkwood. People in Sheffield have so much energy and passion for our city and you can really see that when you look at how many people have got behind and are proud to call Sheffield, The Outdoor City. The dual track at Parkwood is the latest mountain bike trail we’ve opened in the city and the first inner city trail of its kind in the UK.”

The new track at Parkwood springs is not for the faint hearted but recommended for seasoned mountain bikers looking for the thrills and spills of a serious downhill experience.  And with the city centre as its backdrop it encapsulates Sheffield’s unique proximity between urban living and outdoors adventure.

Parkwood opened its first 2km single track in 2012 and is now a popular destination for school groups, local mountain bike businesses, riders and mountain bike event organisers. The latest dual track addition was built by Sheffield’s own trail building company, Biketrack, who are also responsible for the trails in Lady Cannings and Greno Woods.

Speaking about the new trail, Sheffield’s own mountain bike legend Steve Peat, said: “It’s amazing that Sheffield has got behind a new dual track. Dual is the funniest mountain bike discipline for spectators and riders to race and watch. Sheffield has such a good scene going right now and thanks to Jon Dallow [of Sheffield City Council] for pushing it along. Good times ahead at Parkwood and the rest of Sheffield.”

The dual track at Parkwood Springs is open to the public.

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