22 March 2016

The Clean Sheffield campaign is working alongside the national organisation Keep Britain Tidy, in an attempt to reduce dog fouling across Sheffield. To encourage all residents and visitors to pick up after their dogs, innovative dog fouling signs have been put up in the city’s parks, housing land and streets.

The innovative signs, which have been trialled in the city before, and helped reduce the number of dog fouling incidents by 76%, show a pair of reflective eyes encouraging all dog owners to clean up after their dog. The signs will be moving around the city to ensure that all dog walkers receive the same message.

To support the signs, young people within schools are also receiving information about what effect dog fouling has on a community.

Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport: said: “We know that the majority of dog walkers do clean up after their dogs, and we would like to thank those who are behaving in a responsible way.

“However, for those who do not pick up after their dogs we would like to remind them of the effects this has on a community and the health risks this carries. We do have many dog bins across the city that dog walkers can use to dispose of their waste and if there is not a bin near you, then please take this home and dispose of it in your own bin.

“We also want the public to report any dog walkers they see who do not pick up after their dogs, and we will remind those who are caught, that action will be taken.”

Dog faeces carry harmful bacteria which can contaminate soil and be harmful to humans. If the dog faeces is picked up and disposed of immediately, this will remove the risk of those harmful bacteria infecting the soil.