Wednesday 18 March 2015

Sheffield City Council, which achieved its own Devolution Deal last year, has welcomed the announcement of a deal for Leeds, as it became the third city to get a devolution deal (as part of the Chancellor’s budget statement today).

Sheffield and Manchester had been the only two UK cities to begin the process of devolving greater control of services and budgets at local levels.

John Mothersole, Sheffield City Council Chief Executive said, “I’m happy to congratulate Leeds on getting this deal done. Because there is much more to do to reach the levels of devolution we in Sheffield have been demanding, this announcement means there is a real chance for a combined Yorkshire push in future, to achieve more for the people of both great cities and the region”.

“It is clear that Sheffield, Manchester and now Leeds have done these far reaching deals because cities are the future of a rebalanced national economy. Individually and collectively we are ambitious for devolution of powers to our cities, and the country needs us perform strongly both as major cities in our own right and together as an economic region which can counterbalance London and compete with global economic centres like the Ruhr and the Randstad.”