Wednesday October 21

This year National Adoption Week is focusing on the theme, Too Old at 4? This theme hopes to raise awareness of the number of children who are aged over four years old who are waiting for adoption in the UK.


Although we have been able to find new families and new futures for many of the children who waited over the past year, there still others in Yorkshire and the Humber who are waiting too long to be adopted. They are currently with foster carers and are waiting to find a forever home.


Regardless of which area a child is currently living, a child will be placed in a home that right for them and their adoptive family. 


Nic Haughton, lead for Being Family, the consortium of Yorkshire and Humber adoption agencies, said: “We are working together closely to bring down geographical boundaries, as local authorities and voluntary agencies, to make sure that children find the most suitable home.


“Every child is an individual with their own needs. In addition, each adoptive family, whether it is a single person, a couple, or a family who already have children, also come with their own unique circumstances.”

“By making sure that we take into account the needs of the children and the prospective families, we are able to create the best possible matches for loving homes, regardless of location.”


Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “It’s so sad but true that when a child reaches four years old they are less likely to be adopted.  We need forever homes for these children.  Couples and single people of any age, regardless of sexuality or background can be considered as adoptive parents.


“Many older people, whose own children have left the nest, are now coming forward as potential adoptive parents, who are interested in giving another child a loving home. 


“Health professionals and individuals who have worked alongside children with complex needs also bring valuable skills as potential adoptive parents.


“National Adoption Week this year highlights the fact that it is not only babies that are in need of adoption. We want to raise awareness of the children aged over four years old  and sibling groups who are still looking for their forever home.”