The below statement was provided to Radio Sheffield to give extra information about cladding in council tower blocks and the Callow Mount estate:

Cabinet member for housing Councillor Jayne Dunn said: “What happened at Grenfell Tower was an absolute tragedy and our hearts go out to those affected. The details of what caused this terrible tragedy are still unknown. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure our tenants that the cladding system on our tower blocks is fireproof and complies with building and planning regulations. The very few fires we have had in our tower blocks in recent years have all been limited as a result of the fire precaution measures we already have in place.

“We check the tower block fire safety work on a regular basis and undertake an annual risk assessment on all our tower blocks. As an extra precaution, checks are under way with the fire service and we have spoken to residents who have concerns and will continue to do so.

“I will be attending meetings with all the tenants who live in tower blocks starting from Wednesday this week.”

On-going safety response

We have today carried out repairs to the 12th floor door at Callow Mount including reglazing and fitting new smoke seals. We’d like to reassure all our tenants that this door did its job and contained a fire on the premises.

We installed a retro-fitted sprinkler system at one of the Callow Mount blocks in 2011 as part of work with the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, the trade body for the fire sprinkler industry. We were one of the first to do so and have lobbied the government as it is not currently required in legislation to have them fitted. We will continue to explore this option for other blocks in the city.

We have a rolling five-year programme of health and safety works to all flats and maisonettes. Since 2010 this has focused on fire precaution works such as fire doors, filling cavities with a fire barrier product and hard-wired smoke alarms.