9 September 2015

Pedestrian crossings in a busy part of the city are set to benefit from upgrade works starting on Monday 14th September.

The existing crossings at Hunters Bar roundabout on Ecclesall Road will become more pedestrian friendly when works are completed over the next 12 weeks. The majority of the works will be carried out on the pavements and the access that will be needed via the road will be carried out in the evenings and weekends.

The layout of the current crossings will change to make them easier for pedestrians to navigate and intelligent sensors will be put in place to monitor how long the green man should be on display for.

A Streets Ahead spokesperson said: “All existing pedestrian crossings in the city will be upgraded as part of the Streets Ahead project, bringing them up to standard and making them easier and safer for pedestrians to use.

“The four new crossings on Hunters Bar roundabout will include improved technology that will be able to monitor how long it takes a pedestrian to cross the road and, if necessary, extend the period of time that the green man is displayed for to enable the pedestrian to cross safely.
“The improvement works will take around 12 weeks to complete, but traffic disruption will be kept to a minimum and should flow as normal during peak periods. Any work that includes lane closures will be carried out during evenings and weekends.”
More information on Streets Ahead works is available at www.sheffield.gov.uk/streetsahead or twitter @sccstreetsahead.