4 January 2017

Up to 1,000 new starter homes are going to be built in Sheffield thanks to a successful funding bid to central Government.

The homes will be sold at a discounted rate to first time buyers under 40 years old, with at least 20 per cent off the market value.

The homes will be built on sites across the city, with brownfield land used wherever possible.

Details of the funding arrangements will now be firmed up between the Homes and Communities Agency and Sheffield City Council. The authority will also look at individual site options in detail, which will also determine the total number of new homes built.

If agreements can be reached quickly with the Government and developers, construction on the first homes could start later this year.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, said: “This is great news for Sheffield and will mean more young people are able to get a foot on the housing ladder.

“Sheffield is a growing city and we need more homes and a bigger mix of the type and tenure of homes. This funding will allow us to work more closely with the Government and private developers to bring brownfield land back into use and help people who want to own their own homes.

“Of course, this alone will not solve the housing shortage and more needs to be done nationally. But we’re using all tools available in Sheffield and will keep bidding for extra funding. There will also be knock-on benefits in terms of job creation and regenerating areas.”

Sheffield’s bid success was announced as part of the Government’s announcement on ‘starter homes partnership areas’. Thirty areas in the country have been awarded this status, including Sheffield, under its £1.2 billion Starter Homes Land Fund.