4 November 2015

Thousands of Sheffield workers are now being paid above the national living wage with city leaders calling for more businesses to take up the deal.

This comes as Sheffield City Council confirms it will be paying a minimum of £8.25 per hour to all of its workers from April. This is £1.05 more than was set by Government as a new minimum wage, announced by George Osborne earlier this year.

Sheffield City Council was one of the first in the country to adopt a living wage two years ago for all its employees – setting the bar for other local industries to follow. Already many of the council’s partners have followed suit and also introduced the living wage, but more can still be done, say leaders. As part of National Living Wage Week they are now urging all city businesses to get on board.

Councillor Ben Curran, Cabinet Member for Resources at Sheffield City Council, said: “Life below the living wage is hard and is a life of wants and worries for many workers and their families.

“That is why we adopted a living wage for our staff and encourage our contractors to pay it, as well as promoting the living wage to all businesses in Sheffield. What this means is more people cooking our children’s meals in schools, maintaining the city’s streets and roads and repairing council homes are paid a fair wage.

“We have demonstrated our commitment and support to our own lower paid workers. I know employers and businesses are operating in difficult circumstances but I would urge others to do the same.”

Earlier this week (on Monday 2.11.2015) Living Wage Foundation announced the new UK living wage rate of £8.25 per hour outside London to come into effect from April 2016.