28 February 2017

Sheffield City Council has been encouraging the people of Sheffield to have their say on local issues that will inform Councillors’ ward priorities. Sheffield has 28 electoral areas called wards, each represented by three city councillors.

Each year, every ward in Sheffield produces a list of three or four priorities, and this year the authority wants as many people to have their say as possible.

Sheffield City Council is committed to working alongside the public to shape the future of each local area. In order to do this, an online consultation has been launched for members of the public to submit, what they feel, should be the priorities for their area.

Cllr Jack Scott, Cabinet member for Community Services at Sheffield City Council said “Sheffield City Council is committed to listening to people and working with local communities. I hope as many people as possible have their say, so that we can create strong communities that work for everyone.

“Working together, we can solve local problems and make Sheffield an even better city than it already is.”

The consultation is open to the public for one year and in just under a week, there has been an overwhelming response rate, with over 350 people completing the consultation.

Have your say here.