A warm welcome is being extended to the thousands of university students who will start to return to Sheffield this weekend after the long summer break.

Sheffield City Council welcomes all new and returning students. It would like to remind residents and motorists that roads in some areas of the city will be busier than usual this weekend, especially in areas with a high student population, such as in the city centre, Broomhill, Crookes and around Ecclesall Road.

Sheffield is highly renowned as a great city for students and this year over 23,000 new students are starting at the two universities. Sheffield’s reputation as a special place is strengthening with students rating the University of Sheffield as the number one university in the UK for student experience, and Sheffield Hallam University is one of the largest universities in the country with more than 37,000 students. A report launched at the Houses of Parliament last year estimated that international students alone contribute more than £120 million to Sheffield’s economy over a single year.

The Council welcomes all returning and new students to the city and the benefits they bring, adding life to local areas and supporting local businesses. It asks that people be prepared for busier roads than usual in some areas as students move in over the weekend.
Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “We all know that Sheffield is a fantastic city and it’s no wonder that it’s so popular with students.

“We’re really pleased to welcome all students back to Sheffield and are rightly proud of our reputation as a great city to live, work and study in.

“Students make a massive contribution to our economy, with more than 62,000 students spending money in our local shops and supporting our local businesses. As local employers, the universities have almost 11,000 staff which is a huge boost to our local jobs market.

“Many students and staff further support the city by volunteering in community projects to benefit local people.

“I wish all new and returning students all the best for this academic year.”