18 May 2016

Celebrate Sheffield’s culture, have fun and feel nostalgic at this year’s Weston Park May Fayre.

Hosted in the ever popular Weston Park, the free event is to be held on Sunday 22 May between 11am and 5pm, and promises to be a great day out for the family.

As well as the return of popular attractions such as the Insect Circus Museum and traditional rides, this year’s fayre will feature ‘Year of Making Sheffield 2016’ showcasing some of the city’s greatest artists and innovators.

Not only will their work be on display but visitors can watch them demonstrating their craft. Sheffield City Council has worked closely with the University of Sheffield Library National Fairground Archive and the University of Sheffield’s City and Cultural Engagement Team who recently established ‘The Year of Making 2016’. To celebrate this there will be a marquee exhibiting work from some of the city’s most talented people.

The tent will include exhibitions from a textile artist, painter and sculptor, artist-printmaker, photographer, imagination hat-maker and more.

Sheffield’s fine artist Richard Johnson, will be starting a brand new series of bird prints and paintings at the fayre which will be dedicated to his late grandmother who died at the age of 99.

Richard Johnson tells the moving story that inspired the project: “My Granny died last year only a few weeks before her 100th birthday. She loved to feed the birds and Wrens were among her favourites. Whenever I visited her we’d watch the birds feeding and the Wrens always reminded me of her – tiny and fragile yet nimble and quick.

“99 Wrens will be dedicated to her when it’s finished. My wife who is a musician and composer is working on a piece of sound art to accompany the paintings. Weston Park May Fayre will be a chance to see the Wrens while they are still a work in progress. I’ll be painting the tenth on the day of the Fayre.”

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Chair Sheffield Culture Consortium Director of City & Cultural Engagement, University of Sheffield said: “The Year of Making is a unique opportunity to show that making is in the city’s DNA, ranging across advanced manufacturing to arts, music and theatre.

“Sheffield is a city that makes people; from theatre-makers, music-makers, health-makers, art-makers, education-makers to business-makers.

“Displaying work at Weston Park May Fayre is an opportunity to showcase this by providing a crucible of creativity for visitors and the next generation of would-be-makers”.

Cllr Mary Lea, Cabinet Member at Sheffield City Council for Culture, Parks and Leisure said: “Weston Park May Fayre is a fantastic event for all the family, there really is something for everyone.

“The great thing about the fayre this year is that not only can you have a lot of fun, you can learn about the current culture scene in the city, and some people might even find themselves inspired as they watch the artists at work.”

“There will be plenty for children to do and enjoy with the fun fair rides, arts and crafts, and the popular street entertainers from the Insect Circus Museum who will be around on the day.”

The event will also include a display of classic and vintage cars, food stalls, a traditional carousel as well as various fundraising activities that will be collecting for charity partner the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

Weston Park May Fayre is supported by The University of Sheffield, Heart FM, The Children’s Hospital Charity, and the Friends of Crookemoor Park.